New flat-rate system to facilitate payment of municipal taxes

A flat-rate payment system has been set up through the Municipal Institute for Tax (IMH) to help contributors pay municipal taxes in fixed monthly quotas. Monthly quotas take into account the amounts paid the previous calendar year and the number of quotas requested. The maximum number of monthly quotas that contributors can request is eleven, and each monthly quota must be for at least 30 euros.

06/12/2022 11:10 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Taxes included in the fixed-rate payment system are those which entail regular payments:

  • Property tax (IBI)
  • Road tax (IVTM)
  • Tax on reserved entrances
  • Terrace tax
  • Waste collection tax

The amount of the quotas will not vary during the whole tax year, except for November and December, when the amount owing for the full year can be calculated and the quota adjusted accordingly. If the adjustment favours the contributor, the bank account used for their fixed-rate payments will be credited with the relevant amount. If not, the charge will be adjusted in the final month of the year. At the end of the tax year, the amount of the quota for the following year will be calculated and the contributor informed by email.

Anybody wishing to withdraw from the fixed-rate system can do so via the procedures website, with the change to be applied for the next tax year. Payments returned by the bank will mean the service is withdrawn, with contributors notified and served with a tax payment request informing them they have a debt to settle.

Anybody wishing to sign up to the service has until 10 January to do so, using the following link: