New recruitment process for 1,239 public-sector jobs with a strong social emphasis

This year will see 1,239 new municipal public-sector jobs opened up, with a strong focus on social professions. The City Police will also get more personnel, in keeping with one of the government agreements for this term of office, pushing the number of places with the corps up to a record figure of 3,500.

22/02/2021 18:36 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The green light is also being given to 266 places in the social sector, in social education, the nursing section of the Fire Service, psychology and education. There are also 27 places for auxiliaries for people with intellectual disabilities and 5 places for firefighters.

2,279 places in six years

The current call comes after the one in 2019 created 1,417 public-sector jobs. The last six years will have seen 2,279 new places opened up in total, providing a technical boost for teams and the municipal territorial structure, covering important vacancies and improving the distribution of tasks.

The rules for this new call introduce improvements resulting from the experience of previous processes and input from trade unions.

A City Police force with more women and more multiculturally aware

The call for 259 places with the City Police includes changes designed to increasingly make the corps reflect Barcelona’s society, with more women officers and inclusion and diversity as assets for the force.

Besides the now-consolidated process whereby a knowledge of English is a scoring merit in recruitment, there will also be points available for knowledge of three other maternal languages among Barcelona’s citizens: Chinese, Arabic and Urdu.

This is the first time it will be possible to postpone the physical exam in the case of women who are pregnant at the time, as well as those accrediting post-natal situations of up to 16 weeks after the birth of a child. The physical test will have to be taken before the publication of the list of proposed candidates for the training stage.

Full information on the competitive exam processes can be found after the first week of March on this website.


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