A city adapted for active and healthy mobility which fills the streets with life

The city has been reactivated with 501,000 square metres of extra space for pedestrians and a further 21.3 kilometres of bike routes, making for healthier and more active mobility and filling the neighbourhoods with life. The network of bus lanes has also been improved and additional hygiene measures adopted on all public transport.

16/06/2020 10:16 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Work has been carried out in the last few weeks to address people’s mobility needs in the city in the post-Covid scenario. The measures were taken within the context of fighting pollution and the effects of the climate emergency, as well as strengthening a city model which puts people, community life and neighbourhood commerce first.

More adapted streets and safe routes for pedestrians

By bike, fume-free everywhere!

The last few weeks have seen 21 kilometres of new bike lanes created by reserving road surfaces for bikes and applying road markings accordingly.

The Bicing service has also got 68 new stations out of the 97 planned and now reaches the mountain neighbourhoods which were not previously connected to the network.

Safe and efficient public transport

Work has been done on seventeen bus lanes: segregation using bollards, creation of more sections and adjustments to help traffic flow.

Taxis: help with the disinfection of vehicles, installation of protective screens and adaptation of taxi ranks.

Measures on the metro system: information on passenger volumes to avoid build-ups of people.

Cleaning and disinfection have been stepped up around the whole public transport network.

Benefits of active mobility

  • Physical and emotional well-being.
  • Boost for local commerce.
  • Less pollution, cleaner air.
  • More public space for pedestrians.
  • Neighbourhoods with more life.
  • Less noise.

You can plan journeys in the city by checking the website mobilitat.barcelona. This way you can check the time needed to get somewhere, which route takes you through the streets with the most space for pedestrians, the best options for getting there by bike and which public transport option matches your needs best.



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