Summer works to improve mobility by bike, metro and tram

The forty-seven public works planned for the summer months will help expand the network of bike lanes, make further progress on the remodelling of Av. Meridian and Pi i Margall and improve the L4 metro and T4 tram services. Paving and resurfacing work will also be carried out, along with work to guarantee the quality of urban services.

03/07/2023 12:52 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Work on bike lanes

Work on the following bike lanes concludes in July:

  • Passeig Maragall, between C/ Freser and C/ Rosselló
  • Via Augusta, between C/ Laforja and C/ Dolors Monserdà
  • Av. Diagonal, between the University of Barcelona business faculty and the Parc de Cervantes

Work will start on the following bike lanes during the summer:

Work on the metro and the tram system

Work on the L4 metro line includes the complete renewal of 6 kilometres of track to improve reliability, reduce incidents and soften vibrations during journeys. Closures on the L4 affect the section between Verdaguer and Bogatell from 26 June to 31 July, and from Verdaguer to Barceloneta from 1 to 25 August. The T4 tram line will not be in service from 26 June to 31 August, owing to work to connect the tracks of the T4 with the new section being built between Glòries and Av. Diagonal.

Thirteen sets of urban works

  • Carrer de Pi i Margall: work is under way on the side of the Street nearest the mountains, with the final configuration of the street now in place and traffic and public transport able to circulate along one lane in each direction.
  • Avinguda Meridiana: work continues in the section between the streets of Navas de Tolosa and Espronceda; work will switch sides in August, at times occupying some lanes between the streets of Espronceda and Felip II.
  • Extension to the bridge in C/ Santander: closed to traffic in both directions until 3 September owing to work to extend the bridge.
  • Reurbanisation of C/ Loreto, C/ Palafrugell and Pl. Rom Cremat. Work will be completed in C/ Savina Cortit and the green zones at the Colònia Castells and in Vallcarca.

Resurfacing in some of the city’s main streets

Nine resurfacing projects will renew a total 40,932 square metres of surfaces in:

  • Various section of the Ronda Litoral and the Ronda de Dalt, from 8 to 16 July
  • Plaça del Cinc d’Oros, from 27 July to 6 August
  • bus lane in Gran Via, between C/ Química and C/ Sant Germà, from 11 to 17 August


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