Work starts on Av Meridiana's transformation in Sant Andreu

From large motorway to citizen hub with less traffic, noise and pollution. Av Meridiana’s re-urbanisation with a new section of work between Las Navas de Tolosa - Eduard Estivill and Felip II. The initiatives, with a 7.83-million-euro budget, start on 21 November and will last until the end of 2023.

06/11/2022 11:13 h

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What is the section of Av Meridiana between C/ Las Navas de Tolosa and C/ Felip II going to be like?

It will be a continuation of the sections that have already been re-urbanised, from Plaça de les Glòries to Las Navas de Tolosa – Josep Estivill. It will have:

  • Two traffic lanes and a bus lane on each side.
  • A segregated cycle lane along the centre of the avenue.
  • Wider pavements.
  • More trees and flower beds.

The central space in Plaça de Ferran Reyes and Maria Soteras gardens will be expanded and turned into a wide rambla for walking along, which will also improve connectivity to the Navas neighbourhood. The cycle lane here will split and become unidirectional along each side of the central space.

A new mobility model in Av Meridiana

The initiatives carried out so far have enable a reduction in traffic by 17,000 vehicles a day, a re-urbanisation that will reclaim more space for pedestrians and for sustainable mobility. All this work performed from Plaça de les Glòries to Felip II, will have transformed a 1.7 km-long area of the avenue: 94,000 m2 of area will have been remodelled, bringing an extra 560 trees and 10,000 m2 of flower beds, greenery and lined trees. The total investment will come to 28.4 million euros, 6 million of which are from the EU’s Next Generation funds.

The work has a budget of 7.83 million euros and is expected to be completed in 2023.

Project for the reurbanisation of Av. Meridiana as far as Fabra i Puig

Barcelona City Council is about to complete the final project for remodelling Av. Meridiana between Felip II and Fabra i Puig. The project will add continuity and coherence to the rest of the renewed avenue by reducing traffic lanes, creating bus lanes from one side to another plus a segregated bike lane. The goal of the City Council is to grant initial approval to the final project in January 2023.


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