Over 100,000 people take part in participatory process in the current term of office

Figures from the report ‘Public participation in Barcelona 2019-2022’ show that 106,111 people have taken part in the 64 participatory processes conducted in the city in the last four years, half of which were intended to include public input into urban transformations in districts and neighbourhoods. The number of participants using the Decidim Barcelona platform also tripled.

20/03/2023 13:40 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Half of the participatory processes in this term of office (49.3%) were designed to include the criteria and demands of local people in connection with urban transformations; 17.9% were conducted to define and review new municipal plans and strategies; 9% were within the realm of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, and 7.5% were linked to the rest of the social sphere.

The other four processes were to establish and amend by-laws, regulations and plans on specific uses, plus the participatory budget, the Fòrum Jove and the Assemblea pel Clima.

The two processes which attracted the most participation were the participatory budgets, designed for the public to decide how to use part of municipal investment in the city, and the Municipal Action Plan (PAM).

Neighbourhood councils and public audiences

Over 17,500 people took part in neighbourhood council sessions in the city between 2019 and 2022, an average of 34.9 local people per session. As for public audiences, 161 of these were held between 2019 and 2022, with most districts holding five a year, but in a few cases, four or even six.

Decidim Barcelona triples its users

The number of users registered with the online participation platform Decidim Barcelona has tripled in four years, reaching 102,601. That’s 7.16% of people officially residing in the city and aged over 16.

The number of registered users grew significantly during lockdown, but it was during the participatory budgets in 2021 that the highest number of new users signed up, with over 50,000 people registering to support the various projects put forward by citizens.

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