Playgrounds at 25 nursery schools open as places for interaction and play

Playgrounds at 25 municipal nursery schools are being opened up every Saturday from 21 January. The playgrounds will be open from 10.30 am to 1 pm, offering outdoor spaces for culture and play for children up to the age of six, accompanied at all times by their families. The number of participating centres has risen from 14 to 25 this year, meaning one in four playgrounds in the network will be opening up to their neighbourhoods.

20/01/2023 14:42 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Activities with all the family are included, and in collaboration with the library consortium the playgrounds will feature a space to promote reading, with stories and books for children in early childhood within the context of the programme “Neighbourhood nurseries and libraries”.

The nursery school playgrounds opening on Saturday mornings as from 21 January can be found here.

Local reference points in the neighbourhoods

The initiative was launched as a pilot project in the autumn of 2021, with four nursery school playgrounds. In the spring of 2022, that number was increased to fourteen playgrounds, providing service for all neighbourhoods.

Since then, the playgrounds have been used more than 6,000 times and three out of four families using them are not part of the nursery school community. This means other families in the neighbourhood use the facilities.

This fulfils the goal of giving the facilities a broader community use as local points for social interaction.


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