Public works in 36 schools during the Christmas school holidays

Renovation, adaptation and improvement work has been launched, taking advantage of the Christmas holidays, in 36 schools, as has large-scale work in a further 5 educational facilities. Building work has continued at the Institut Angeleta Ferrer and Escola Auditori. The total cost of all this work is 9.7 million euros.

28/12/2021 11:21 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The renovation work is as follows:

  • Painting: Escola Baloo, Escola Calderón de la Barca, Escola La Palmera, Escola La Pau, Escola Parc del Guinardó, Escola Pau Casals, Escola Poblenou and Escola Turó Blau.
  • Façades: Escola Elisenda de Montcada and Escola Pràctiques.
  • Renovations in kitchens, dining rooms and food spaces: Institut Moisès Broggi, Escola Marinada, Escola Bogatell, Escola Bosc de Montjuïc.
  • Toilets, changing rooms and gyms: Escola Gayarre, Escola Ítaca, Escola La Farigola de Vallcarca, Escola Pere Vila, Escola Pere IV, Escola Ramon Casas, Escola Santiago Rusiñol and Escola SEAT.
  • Boilers and heating improvements: Institut Caterina Albert, Escola La Palmera, Institut Milà i Fontanals and Institut Vall d’Hebron.
  • Roofs and photovoltaic installations: Escola Ferran Sunyer, Escola Ferrer i Guàrdia, Escola Joan Miró, Escola La Farigola del Clot, Escola Timbaler del Bruc and Escola Reina Violant.
  • Functional improvements: Institut Tecnològic de Barcelona, Escola Gaia, Escola Can Clos, and the EMAV.

Meanwhile, large-scale work has started at the Escola Poble-sec, Institut Escola Arts, Institut dels Aliments de Barcelona, Institut Escola Antaviana and Institut Escola Trinitat Nova. Work has also continued in newly built schools: the new Institut Angeleta Ferrer, which expects to have its work completed by the end of the first term of 2022, and the Escola Auditori, where land is being prepared for the school’s new headquarters.

The aim behind all this work is to enable the installation of the educational facilities to contribute towards equal opportunities for all the city’s young children and youth.

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