Revamps and improvements to several green spaces in the city with the Pla Endreça

This autumn has seen various projects get under way to renew and improve green spaces in five city districts. With an overall budget of 3.8 million euros, the projects form part of the Pla Endreça and are intended to renew green spaces in several neighbourhoods, adding more greenery and more spaces for people to spend time and interact in.

07/10/2023 10:09 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

By district, the spaces where work is being carried out are:


In line with the municipal government commitment to revitalise the inner quadrangles of blocks in L’Eixample and regain new green spaces for people, work will be carried out in two gardens.

Jardins d’Elena Maseras: vegetation to be renewed and an automatic watering system installed, with furniture, paving and drainage all improved. This project has a budget of 120,000 euros and should take two months.

Jardins de Cèsar Martinell: work gets under way at the end of November to renew vegetation in these gardens, with new trees and bushes and a new watering system to maintain them properly. Visibility and safety will also be improved. The work responds to a long-standing demand by local residents and the school community. The budget for this project is 388,157 euros.


Work will be carried out to improve the southern part of the Parc de l’Espanya Industrial, right next to the neighbourhoods of Sants and Hostafrancs, to reconfigure the different spaces in the park so that each is used suitably (free space, circulation, pedestrians, activities etc.). Appropriate furniture will be installed for each space and each type of use, with Mediterranean vegetation also added. This project should take seven months and has a budget of 969,979 euros.

At the Granja de Can Mestres, more trees will be planted and a watering system installed, along with improvements to water connections and new drinking troughs in the outside area.

Sarrià – Sant Gervasi

Jardins de Mercè Rodoreda: new furniture elements (handrails, litter bins, benches, signage and lighting), a new children’s play area and a new dog recreation area. This work will take five months, with a budget of 709,089 euros.

Sant Andreu

Jardins de Can Fabra: the children’s play area will be renewed and various other work carried out relating to greenery, such as improving parterres with grass and bushes. Nine olive trees will also be replanted, six populus trees removed and pine trees pruned. Work here gets under way in the middle of October and will take four months, with a budget of 529,133 euros.

Sant Martí

Parc del Clot: watering system to be renewed and improvements made to paving, litter bins and signage. The budget for this project is 328,665 euros, with work already under way and due to finish in December.

Jardins de Can Miralletes: this project, long called-for by local people, will see benches changed, improvements to sloped surfaces and parterres, part of the watering system changed, improvements to drain covers and part of the vegetation, plus changes to elements in the play area for the under-5s. The budget for this project is 484,031 euros.

At the Granja de Can Cadena, the public toilets on the site will be improved. The combined cost of work here and at the Granja de Can Mestres is 310,402 euros.


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