Second block of industrial-built APROP housing completed at Glòries

Work has been completed on the second block of temporary local housing (APROP). Located in Glòries, the building has seven floors, 42 homes and a capacity for 100 residents. The block was built in record time (26 weeks) with a budget of 5.77 million euros. APROP blocks are conceived as temporary housing solutions to guarantee homes for people in emergency situations.

21/12/2022 14:26 h

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Decent homes to tackle emergencies

Provisional local housing (APROP) is aimed at people and families with children and at risk of social exclusion who have no home or whose home is not suitable to live in. These are people experiencing serious socio-economic hardship and in need of socio-educational support.

The housing resource is managed by Social Services, which refers users, and the maximum stay envisaged is two years. People accessing APROP homes contribute 20 to 30% of their incomes towards the cost.

To enable people to move on from these temporary homes with the best possible guarantees of autonomy and self-sufficiency, each household has a personal and family improvement plan. These set out the support path for them to get back on their feet and become empowered. The plans are developed by Social Services, APROP professionals and users themselves.

Second block of APROP housing

Of the 42 homes in the new block in Glòries, 35 have two bedrooms and 7 have one. Each of the seven floors has five 2-bedroom homes and one 1-bedroom home. The flats with two rooms have a useful floor space of 52.7 square metres and feature a lounge with a dining area, a kitchen, storage space and a full bathroom. The homes with one double bedroom have 25.8 square metres and feature a living room, a kitchen and full bathroom. All of the flats have an outdoor balcony.

On the ground floor of the building there are management and support spaces and areas for communal activities, plus a communal laundry and a multi-purpose room for use by residents. The inner quadrangle includes an up-to-the-minute hydroponic cultivation space, managed by residents and organisations for people with disabilities linked to the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities (IMPD).

This second building means the city now has 64 APROP homes, counting the ones in the initial project in Ciutat Vella, with its 12 homes.

Industrial-built housing

APROP housing offers industrial-built public housing blocks. In other words, blocks built using innovative methods and materials to enable them to be constructed in a much shorter time frame than conventional buildings. These temporary homes are made using reconditioned shipping containers through a modular design and adopting industrial production techniques for quick and efficient assembly.


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