Seventeen new radar speed-detector to start operating to reduce accident rates

The measure is enshrined in the municipal strategy for consolidating 30 km/hr as a priority speed in the city. Twelve devices positioned in school surroundings and the other five at points considered risky. They will come into service at the educational stage during the month of September.

05/09/2022 14:46 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • They will come into operation as from October, at the information stage: anyone failing to comply with the regulations will receive a warning. Once that stage is over, at the start of 2023, fines will start to be issued.Speeding is one of the most important factors as an indirect cause of accidents in the city. To ensure people comply with speed limits and reduce risky behaviour, an automated control system has been launched through a network of radars inside the city, in response to the goals set out under the Urbana Mobility Plan (PMU) for 2024 and the Barcelona Local Road Safey Plan for 2019-22.A work group made up by the Department for Mobility, Barcelona’s Guàrdia Urbana [city police] and Urban Model has established the location of the 17 new radars:

    Twelve radar speed-detectors in school surrounding, under the Protegim les Escoles [We’re protecting Schools] programme (30km/hr maximum speed allowed):

    • C/ Numància (between C/ Anglesola and C/ Déu i Mata), Escola Ítaca and Escola Anglesola.
    • C/ Pau Claris (corner with C/Aragó), Escola Lestonnac i Escolàpies Llúria.
    • C/ Mallorca (between C/ Nàpols and C/ Roger de Flor), Escola Dominiques.
    • C/ Mallorca (between C/ Muntanya and C/ Fontova), Escola Dovella.
    • Trav. de Gràcia (between C/ Aribau and C/ Alfons XII), Escola Infant Jesús.
    • C/ Indústria (between C/ Sant Quintí and C/ Conca), Escola Miralletes and Institut Moisès Broggi.
    • C/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret (between C/ Trinxant and C/ Guinardó), Escola Antoni Balmanya.
    • C/ Balmes (between C/ Marià Cubí and Trav. de Gràcia), Escola Pia.
    • C/ Balmes (between C/ Francolí and C/ Santjoanistes), Escola Poeta Foix.
    • C/ Entença (between C/ Provença and C/ Rosselló), Escoles Xirinacs i Entença.
    • C/ Sardenya (between C/ Taxdirt and Trav. de Gràcia), Escola de les Aigües.
    • C/ Muntaner, (between C/ Còrsega and C/ Rosselló), Escola Sant Miquel.

    Five radar speed-detectors located in other points of the city (50km/hr maximum speed allowed):

    • C/ Aragó (entre C/ Urgell and C/ Casanovas).
    • Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes (at the C/ Sant Roc-C/ Sant Germà level).
    • Av. Diagonal (between Pl. Pius XII and Palau de Pedralbes).
    • Av. Diagonal (at the C/ Numància level).

    Pg. de la Bonanova (at the nº 70 level).

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