T-usual, T-casual, T-grup and T-familiar tickets only with the T-mobilitat as from 28 November

Ticket machines will no longer print these tickets on cardboard with magnetic strips, and only offer them in a contactless T-mobilitat format, but with a new rechargeable cardboard format which does not require prior registration, and which in this case has fewer features than the plastic card or mobile version.

20/11/2023 15:24 h

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As of 28 November, T-usual, T-casual, T-grup and T-familiar integrated transport tickets will gradually stop being sold in cardboard magnetic-strip format and will only be available on T-mobilitat cards.

How can I get the T-mobilitat?

The change will be implemented gradually around ticket sales machines, which will no longer print the old cardboard tickets with magnetic strips and only offer these tickets on rechargeable contactless T-mobilitat cards. These tickets will be available in a special T-mobilitat cardboard format that will not require prior registration by users and which will cost €0.50 (for first purchases only, after which they can be topped up as many times as needed).

As an exception, T-mobilitat cardboard T-usual season tickets, being personal and non-transferable, will have a specific design requiring a national ID (DNI) or passport number when purchased. That means T-usual tickets will not accept topping up from any other type of available integrated ticket.

For the rest of the tickets definitively switching to the T-mobilitat (T-casual, T-grup and T-familiar), different types of tickets can be loaded onto the card, but only once the current ticket is used up.

How long can I keep using cards with magnetic strips?

At the same time, old cardboard tickets already purchased with magnetic strips can still be used until they are used up or expire (15 January), as validating machines will still accept these types of tickets.

The other tickets on the system (single ticket, AMB social tickets, T-4, tickets specific to different operators…) will continue to be issued on cardboard with magnetic strips from the same ticket machines, as they have been to date.

What will the changeover process be like with ticket machines on the network?

The process to switch to the types of tickets will be progressive, starting on 28 November. This means that not all ticket machines will be issuing new cardboard T-mobilitat tickets on the first day. The number of machines on the metro, Rodalies, FCG and TRAM networks with the new types of tickets will increase daily, until the changeover is complete halfway through December.

The change will be introduced at official sales points such as tobacconist’s and news kiosks at a later date.

What advantages are there with the personalised T-mobilitat?

The T-mobilitat can be obtained in a mobile format or as a plastic card. Thes require registration and offer some advantages, such as recovering journeys if your card is lost or stolen, and managing your card online.

How can I register for a T-mobilitat?

Users wishing to travel with a personalised plastic card are recommended to create a digital user profile through one of the three platforms available: T-mobilitat, TMB and FGC. Once requested, users should receive the card at home within 5 to 10 days. If opting for ticket validation with an Android mobile phone with NFC, the ticket will be available immediately on the apps T-mobilitat, TMB App and FGC T-mobilitat.


Source: ATM

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