Tech and society connect at Mobile Week Barcelona 2022

Over sixty free activities are being organised at forty locations all around the city from 28 March to 3 April, the goal being to discuss, analyse and experience the impact of the digital transformation among citizens. Activities are based around three topics: digital rights, professional digital skills (with a special focus on disinformation and the promotion of STEAM subjects in adolescence), and culture, creativity, entertainment and new digital means.

15/03/2022 12:31 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

One of the main new aspects is an open call for all public and private institutions in the city to put forward plans for activities. This way, thirty of the activities in the programme will be organised by associations and institutions in the city, making this the most collaborative edition of the event since it first started. The goal is to involve all bodies working to tackle the digital divide.

Another new aspect is Pimes Day, a special day for SMEs at the old Estrella Damm factory on 30 March. The event is intended to help SMEs and the self-employed gain digital skills through workshops and talks on digital marketing and e-commerce, helping businesses go digital and cybersecurity.

This edition culminates with Family Day on 3 April, also at the old Estrella Damm Factory. Designed for families to enjoy themselves and learn through entertainment, this is the third year running that children and their families will be able to pick up skills on different aspects of technology in a dynamic and fun way.

Mobile Week Barcelona is an initiative by Mobile World Capital. It started life in 2017 with the goal of taking technology closer to citizens and empowering them by giving them the necessary skills so that nobody gets left behind in the digital transformation.

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