New furniture to adapt infant classrooms to new education models

The green chairs and desks in infant school classrooms are to be replaced with new furniture which is better suited to current teaching methods. The new furniture will be introduced during the current school year in P3 and P4 classes (for infants between the ages of 2 and 4) at 161 publicly run schools, with P5 classrooms to follow in the next academic year.

25/03/2021 18:14 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Furniture will be replaced at schools where it is outdated, specifically in 487 classrooms: 248 in year P3 and 239 in year P4. In all, 1,351 desks and 4,606 new chairs will be delivered to schools, as well as 1,755 new cupboards and bookshelves, to embrace the new teaching vision. The Education Consortium is also planning to deliver 4,862 wooden platforms, 1,041 board games, rugs and a set of plants with baskets for all classrooms.

The new designs promote the concept of school where the distribution of spaces, furniture and materials becomes an educational tool for the development of cognitive and sensory learning among infants and fosters cooperative work.

Furniture removed in good condition will be included in the second-hand furniture catalogue, which centres can use to request it for re-use. It will also be made available to organisations which may need it.

The programme involves an investment of 4 million euros (2.5 million this school year and 1.5 million to renew obsolete furniture in P5 classrooms next year). Barcelona City Council is to fund 75% of the project, with the Government of Catalonia to provide the other 25%.


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