Transformation of La Marina del Prat Vermell with the construction of public housing

This neighbourhood in Sants-Montjuïc is being consolidated with the highest concentration of protected housing in the city, through a construction project for 12,000 flats, half of which will be affordable. The major urban transformation in this area began in 2006 with the first Amendment to the General Metropolitan Plan, which needed updating in 2019 to transform the industrial make-up of this area into a zone generating community life with housing, greenery and economic activity.

21/02/2023 17:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The project will give the city a large new residential neighbourhood in the district of Sants-Montjuïc, covering an area of 75 hectares (equivalent to 40 blocks in L’Eixample) and where 12,000 homes are being built (6,246 of which will be affordable housing with rents), and a new centre for life and economic activity.

Three housing developments are currently in progress: at Cal Cisó, 49-59, and Ulldecona, 2-10, where building work is about to conclude, and at Acer, 10, currently under construction.

Cal Cisó, 49-59

Three energy efficient buildings with 108 homes in all, 48 with social rents and 60 with affordable rents, with communal spaces and gardens, plus parking and premises on the ground floor.

The building’s shell and facilities include eco-efficient energy systems. All the homes have solar protection and at least two façades with cross ventilation.

Acer, 10

A multi-family building of 234 exterior protected homes, commercial premises, a central garden, communal spaces, 77 parking spaces for cars (12 of them adapted), 54 spaces for motorcycles and 224 spaces for bicycles.

The building is designed with a ventilated inner corridor with homes on both sides. The inner ventilation of the corridor comes from yards that run from the outer façade to the inner corridor.

Ulldecona, 2-10

Development with 72 public homes, six of them adapted for people with reduced mobility, plus communal areas, bicycle parking, a green rooftop and premises for a municipal facility.

All the design criteria, both to define the shape and the construction system, are geared towards achieving a near zero-emission building (NZEB).

Other projects in the neighbourhood

Two other projects are currently being drafted: Cal Cisó, 44-48, and Ulldecona, 11 and 16-24. In addition, La Chalmeta, a cohousing block for 32 families, was inaugurated in March. The block was built on municipally owned land, leased to the Cooperative Llar Jove. This is the fourth cohousing block in the city, adopting a non-speculative form of protected housing.

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