New signs indicating blind spots on municipal vehicles

New DGT signs have started being introduced to the fleet of municipal vehicles to warn people of the danger of being in blind spots when heavy vehicles of this type are in close proximity.

27/02/2022 11:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The number of vehicles to get signs will be 2,199 in all, helping other drivers to avoid risks and position themselves in a visible place. The sign will be included on park cleaning vehicles, maintenance vehicles working in urban locations, City Police vehicles, fire service vehicles (SPEIS) and do on.

The initiative is part of series of actions being adopted by the European Union to cut the risk of accidents through improved visibility of those driving delivery vehicles, buses and lorries. In the long term, assisted driving systems will need to be introduced on all vehicles.

Safe, healthy and sustainable mobility

The Urban Mobility Plan 2024 makes it a priority to cut accidents in the city. In an effort to promote safe, healthy and sustainable mobility, the City Council is working jointly with the DGT and other municipal councils in the Spanish state to define and implement signs for blind spots.

Adding the sign to vehicles is voluntary and affects passenger vehicles for nine or more passengers, including the driver (vehicles is the categories of M2 and M3 according to the general regulation of vehicles), goods vehicles in the N1, N2 and N3 categories, and waste vehicles in the urban environment.

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