Cerca Salut, a digital map with health resources

The website offers a single map with nearly 800 resources in the city to contribute to well-being, health and care, such as associations focusing on healthy diets, places offering outdoor sports classes and sports activities for children with some degree of physical disability. The tool can be found on the website cercasalut.barcelona and allows users to search by keywork, topic or area.

30/01/2023 14:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Cerca Salut tool, promoted by the Department for Health at the City Council in collaboration with the Barcelona Health Consortium (CSB) and the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB), currently groups together some 800 assets, activities and resources, but will steadily be updated to include them all and those which are newly created.

The website features all the activities and resources by non-profit organisations which complement activities in the healthcare system, social services and education. They include workshops at municipal community centres, centres for the elderly or associations and bodies working in this sphere.

There are currently 325 different organisations in the city registered on the map, which use a collaborative intranet to create and manage their activities so that the data are always up to date.


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