A biodiversity refuge next to the Pont de la Marina

Deconstruction work has now been completed on the building at C/ Marina, 122, formerly one of the warehouses of the old Casa Gay company. The demolition will enable L’Eixample to gain a new public space and biodiversity refuge right next to the Pont de la Marina.

14/08/2023 16:19 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

An abundance of vegetation was found during preliminary work ahead of the demolition of the building in the Fort Pienc neighbourhood, including 9 pine trees, a ficus tree and a cherry plum tree. The District Office and the Parks and Gardens service are now working to create a biodiversity refuge, managed by the municipal institute and closed to the public, which will help preserve the existing natural heritage and biodiversity here.

Besides the refuge, another part of the site can be urbanised and will get a small public space with new lighting, street furniture and some trees. Work will also be carried out on the preexisting elements in poor repair, such as the handrail to the lower part of the park.

Finally, in response to a request from local people, a mosaic from the ground floor of the former building will be conserved and regained.

Casa Gay as a pioneer company in the city

The Casa Gay company is regarded as the oldest chair rental business in Barcelona. It was founded in 1860 and started its commercial activity by renting out the famous seats in Les Rambles. Yet it wasn’t until the year of the Barcelona Universal Expo in 1929 that the company would build this second warehouse at C/ Marina, 122, which was used until the 80s.