Up to 200 homes from the SAREB for social rents

Deal with the SAREB to renew the agreement for homes belonging to the organisation to be used for social rents. A further 23 homes will be made available in addition to the 143 already used, with the possibility of this figure rising to 200 homes.

12/12/2023 13:34 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new agreement maintains the conditions already established in 2015 and will last for a maximum of eight years. After that time, the homes will go back to the SAREB, which will subrogate the rental contracts in place at that time. In any event, the agreement reserves Barcelona City Council’s right to purchase the homes in question during the validity of the agreement. In return for the use of the homes, the City Council will pay a levy of 125 euros a month for each home empty at the time its use is granted and 75 euros a month for each occupied home.

The 23 homes have been evaluated by technical and social services from the Municipal Institute for Housing and Renovation (IMHAB), which has studied whether they meet the appropriate conditions for living in, and the investment needed to condition them. If an investment is required, the two organisations will bear the cost equally between them.


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