Concert "Amas"

  • Venue
    Plaça Reial
  • Address
    Pl Reial, 5
  • Day and time
    sun 24 · 20:00


Menorca, Argentina, Poland, Cuba, Valencia, Sabadell and Barcelona

Amas, whose name comes from the word for traditional Japanese divers, will be at the BAM Festival 2023 to present Perles de Saviesa through their electronic music, their art of action and a great live act.

Imagine an open and mutating collaborative experience, where metal percussion, synths, the sax, the customised guitar and rhythm boxes blend in a twirl of sound. Ivana Ray Singh, Neus Abellán, Fernanda Alemán, Lupe Blázquez, Annia Chwaliszewska, Kira Pérez and Clara Cortés combine to delve us into their Circuit de Retroalimentació Positiva¥.

In a journey towards the alchemistic transformation of the soul, they fuse magic thought with intersectional eco-feminist messages. The dance floor becomes an ocean of opportunities where water, pearls, salt and the body all become instruments for expression.

Don’t miss this musical underwater dive, where together we can look for a transformation of the soul while we become submerged in a sea of sounds, emotions and awareness.

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    • Pl Reial, 5
    • Ciutat Vella
    • el Barri Gòtic
    • 08002 Barcelona

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