La Rambla at the height of the Fountain of Canaletes completely empty
La Rambla at the height of the Fountain of Canaletes completely empty

The recovery of La Rambla as the city’s central hub is a priority during this mandate, in order to boost economic and commercial promotion and diversification and promote cultural activities that reconnect it with the city's residents and encourage them to use it as a space for strolling and socialising. The new layout will also improve accessibility and connections between the neighbourhoods of El Raval and El Gòtic.

Below is important information about the Rambla remodelling process, a comprehensive urban planning project with physical, social, cultural and economic dimensions.



  • Obres 2027

    Is the year the works will be completed

  • Cost 55,6 M.€

    Is the estimated cost of the new Rambla

  • Persones +70

    Is the number of social and cultural agents involved


Barcelona's boulevard

The work will be carried out longitudinally along the entire stretch of La Rambla, reducing the duration of the project in comparison to the time needed were it divided into sections.

Access to homes, shops, and car parks will be fully guaranteed, and loading and unloading will be restricted to the areas designated for this purpose. As a result, there will be disruptions to the bus lines that currently run along La Rambla, and when the time comes, appropriate information about alternative routes and transport options will be provided.

There will also be an impact on the waste collection service, both for residents and commercial businesses.

A drilling machine working on the ground of la Rambla in Barcelona. Beside it, the foot of a lamppost characteristic of this area, while in the background a crowd watches intently at the beginning of the works.

Work maps

Here, you’ll find maps of the sections where work is in progress, planned mobility and loading/unloading spaces. 

These maps will change as work progresses.

The Espai Rambla

Information point.

Espai Rambla is the place to go to get information on and find out about the project to transform Barcelona’s La Rambla, one of the most unique and well-known boulevards in the world.

  • Address: Palau de La Virreina (La Rambla, 99).
  • Opening times: From Monday to Friday, 10:15 am to 6:15 pm.


The boulevard of culture 

La Rambla is a space where culture can be found in all its forms: theatre, visual arts, photography, cinema, music, cuisine, etc. Not to mention events held by organisations, individuals, institutions, and communities linked to La Rambla, with citywide cultural, social, and community projects.

Culture and La Rambla go hand in hand; it's impossible to imagine one without the other. From major cultural venues such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica, the Teatre Poliorama, or the Ateneu Barcelonès, to citywide or national events like Sant Jordi, the Festes del Roser, or the Tast a la Rambla, as well as the daily cultural activities that take place in the adjacent neighbourhoods.

Mercè 2023 Cavalcade on la Rambla with the Kyiv Giants in the background