The Espai Rambla

Information and contact office

Espai Rambla is the place to go to get information on and find out about the project to transform Barcelona’s La Rambla, one of the most unique and well-known boulevards in the world.

Since it was created in the early eighteenth century, La Rambla has undergone several changes. Now it is time to be renovated to make it a twenty-first-century urban space that will be more civic, greener and more connected to the sea. The renovation project gives people more space, improves the flow of pedestrians, services, goods and parking areas and boosts the historic boulevard’s rich economic, social and cultural fabric.

The transformation of La Rambla will be underway from 2024 to 2027 to restore it as a prime public space for gathering and coexistence.

La Rambla’s renovation project is an important urban improvement which involves temporary works and readjustments. Barcelona City Council has made an information and assistance service available to the public to report and resolve incidents and problems, and to meet the needs of citizens and organisations on La Rambla and the surrounding area.

If you need help or support, we are here for you.


    To inform citizens about the transformation of La Rambla and what it will be like after the transformation.

    To raise awareness of the process La Rambla’s urban transformation and its impact on this street’s and the city’s present and future.

    To report and resolve incidents and effects associated with the project.

Who is it targeted at?

  •     Neighbourhood residents.
  •     Economic and social stakeholders.
  •     Residents of the whole city.
  •     Domestic and international visitors.

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