(VE)Bastida de Llum




C/ Roc Boronat, 127

ESDAPC - Deià Campus

A large cube covered in translucent industrial fabrics – like those you might find on any construction site – stands at the intersection of Roc Boronat and Sancho de Ávila, the two streets surrounding the MediaTIC building, one of the iconic projects of the new 22@ audiovisual district’s architectural landscape. ESDAP Catalunya’s Deià Campus presents an ephemeral structure created with building materials. These are utilitarian, invisible, unrelated things, with an aesthetic or artistic sense at the service of an immersive and harmonious experience that transforms a situation of conflict (the loss of the urban historical memory of a part of the city) into a visual poem.

As in romanticism, unease regarding the unstoppable advance of modernity amid the rubble of the past transforms into a space of beauty. Visitors step into the cube, immersing themselves in a sky of lights that they must skirt to make their way through clouds of smoke.

STUDENTS: Clara Carbonell, Albert Llopart, Oriol Cardona, Jana Cesari, Carla Rubio, Maria Mateo, Marta Alcaraz, Helena Andrés, Roger Montoliu, Nona Escardó and Fiorella Risco. Interior design students at the ESDAPC Deià campus.

TUTORS: Xavier Pepiol and Sara Palomares. Interdisciplinary interior design project teaching staff at the ESDAPC Deià campus.

COLLABORATORS: DEIÀ, Escola d'Art i Disseny