Retrat d'Anna Pérez Martí


Director, reporter and scriptwriter for documentary series and TV programmes. She has directed Ments inquietes (TV3) and Bestial (RTVE) and reported for the BBC in Madrid.

In recent years, she has worked for production companies like Mediapro, Lavinia, Gestmusic, Magnolia, Minoria Absoluta and Zanskar, among others. She has also written for food magazines Food Undercover and Zouk Magazine.

Articles by Anna Pérez Martí

​El Centre Ideal se submergeix en l’univers de Frida Kahlo aprofitant les arts digitals més trencadores. © Blit Studio
Digital arts in Barcelona: building momentum

Business is booming for audiovisual creation studios in Barcelona now that virtual reality, immersive installations and digital animation are stirring up more and more interest. These...

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