Arnau Monterde

Doctorate in Information and Knowledge Society

Arnau Monterde, who took his Doctorate in Information and Knowledge Society at the UOC, has since 2011 been coordinator of the "Techno-policy" project at the Communication Networks and Social Change research group of his alma mater's Internet Interdisciplinary Institute.

He researches the relationship between communication technologies and societies, with a particular focus on political participation and democracy in the networked society. He is one of the supervisors of the Decidim project, the digital participation platform promoted by Barcelona City Council. He contributed to the works Tecnopolítica, internet y r-evoluciones. Sobre la centralidad de redes digitales en el #15M (Icaria, 2012) and La potencia de las multitudes conectadas (Editorial UOC, 2015).

Articles by Arnau Monterde

Il·lustració d'un megàfon
Digital cityFrom smart city to democratic city

The adjective 'smart' is very much in vogue. It represents the idea that cities can be more intelligent and efficient thanks to technology, and the data that they and their inhabitants...

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