Retrat de Blanca Valdivia


Blanca Valdivia is a sociologist specialising in human ecology and population. She has a PhD in Urban and Architectural Management and Valuation from the Barcelona School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. 

She is a founding member of Col·lectiu Punt 6, a group made up of architects, sociologists and urban planners that seeks to rethink domestic, community and public spaces from a feminist perspective and has developed projects for various cities in Catalonia, Spain and Latin America. Working with Col·lectiu Punt 6, she published the essay Feminist urbanism. For a radical transformation of living spaces, as well as various guides to incorporating the gender perspective into urban planning.

Articles by Blanca Valdivia

Il·lustració. © Margarita Castaño
The city of careCities that care: transforming space to prioritise life

Prioritising the sustainability of life involves providing the material and immaterial conditions that support care. In the urban planning sphere, this means breaking away from the...

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