portrait of David Bueno

Researcher and lecturer

Holder of a PhD in Biology, he is Director of the UB-EDU1st Chair in Neuroeducation, and lecturer and researcher in the Biomedical, Evolutionary and Developmental Genetics Section at the University of Barcelona. 

His career has focused on developmental genetics and neuroscience, and how they relate to learning processes. He has been a researcher at the University of Oxford and has spent time at other European and American universities and research centres. He is the author of 70 scientific articles and 24 essay and popular science books, and has been the author of more than 700 papers published in various media. He is an advisor on neuroeducation to the UNESCO International Bureau of Education. He has received the European Prize for the Popularisation of Science (2010), a Teaching Prize for his contribution to neuroeducation (2018), the Doctors’ Senate Award from the University of Barcelona (2019), the ASIRE award for the Chair of Neuroeducation’s activities (2021) and the Joan Lluís Vives University Press Award (2022).

Articles by David Bueno i Torrens

Illustration. ©Genie Espinosa
Adolescents under pressureThe teenage brain, a time of change and transformation

During adolescence, morphological and physiological changes take place that have a profound effect on the...

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