Retrat de Edgar Cotes

Writer, proofreader and translator

Writer, proofreader and translator, he also works as a live subtitler for TV3 [the Catalan public broadcaster’s primary television channel]. He has published the compilation of short stories Els híbrids minvants [The Waning Hybrids] (Edicions SECC, 2017), the novel Cordegel [Ice Heart] (Edicions SECC, 2021) and the essay Manuel de Pedrolo: punt final [Manuel de Pedrolo: End Point] (El Biblionauta, 2021). 

He has translated authors such as Mike Resnick, Andy Weir, Ian McDonald and Adrian Tchaikovsky. He writes articles and reviews on fantasy genres for the websites La Lectora and El Biblionauta.

Articles by Edgar Cotes

Fantasy stories for a post-pandemic future

Over a short time, we have been caught in the throes of a dystopia almost without realising it: a global pandemic, lockdowns at home, devastating fires, drone strikes...

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