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Philosopher. Philosophy of Science Professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid. His general field of work is the notion of rationality in its theoretical, epistemic and practical aspects. He holds a militant stance against the division of culture in scientific and humanistic culture. 

He considers that experience establishes the scale of all human activity.​ His most recent books include Cultura es nombre de derrota. Cultura y poder en los espacios intermedios (Delirio Editorial, 2018), Puntos Ciegos. Ignorancia pública y conocimiento privado [Blind Spots. Public Ignorance and Private Knowledge] (Lengua de Trapo, 2019) and Espacios de intimidad y cultura material [Spaces of Intimacy and Material Culture] (Cátedra, 2020).

Articles by Fernando Broncano

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Open city. The challenges of the futureTechnological sovereignties

Democracy and technology are two poles that engage in odd relationships of attraction and repulsion. The very technologies that provided minimum services while the world was on lockdown...

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