Retrat de Ferran Caballero

Teacher and essayist

Ferran Caballero is a professor of Contemporary Thought for Pompeu Fabra University’s Global Studies degree and of Thought and Creativity for LaSalle-Ramon Llull University.

He has published the essay Maquiavelo para el siglo XXI: el príncipe en la era del populismo [Machiavelli for the 21st century: the prince in the age of populism] (Ariel, 2016). He regularly contributes to the newspapers El Mundo, Expansión, The Objective and Catalunya Diari.

Articles by Ferran Caballero

Llibre: Las mejores palabras, Daniel Gamper
The best words

Free speech is society’s right to discuss important matters, because it is only through discussion that the truth can be discovered. In fact, democratic life involves discussing those...

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