Retrat d'Ignacio Muro Benayas

Economist and social analyst

Economist and social analyst, expert in the analysis of the management of globalisation, new production models and digital transitions.

Honorary Professor of Communication at the Carlos III University, he was director for 18 years of the EFE Agency (1987-2005) in different departments and has contributed as a columnist to El PaísCinco DíasPúblico and El, among other publications. He is part of the steering committee of Economists Facing Up to the Crisis and is a member of the Economists Without Borders foundation. He is vice-president of the Institute for Journalistic Innovation, of which he was the promoter, and president of Poli-TIC/Information and Knowledge Association.

Articles by Ignacio Muro Benayas

Il·lustració © Maria Corte
The futures of workThe insides of the digital economy: between new Taylorism and social discipline

Digital Taylorism changes the production processes (with data as raw material) and the forms of labour exploitation driven by digital capitalism. But we must break with the...

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