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Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Seville, he is a senior researcher at the Laboratory of Personal Networks and Communities, and author of the book Qué funciona en la prevención comunitaria [What Works in Community Prevention] (Pirámide, 2021). 

For more than two decades, he has participated in the design, monitoring and evaluation of volunteering projects in Andalusia. To this end, he has carried out needs assessment studies, coverage analysis and external evaluation of the impact of interventions. Through the systematic study of evidence-based practices, he has contributed to the design of strategic guidelines to promote community involvement in Andalusia. For 20 years he has written the blog E-Voluntas, which deals with topics related to volunteering, civil society and community involvement, which has had over one million visits. He is also editor of the journal REDES. Revista Hispana para el Análisis de Redes Sociales [Hispanic Journal for the Analysis of Social Networks]. His research combines social network analysis and community psychology.

Articles by Isidro Maya Jariego

Illustration. ©Genie Espinosa
Adolescents under pressureThe transformative power of volunteering in adolescence

Experiences of community involvement during childhood and adolescence bear a positive impact on psychological wellbeing and contribute to the development of active citizenship....

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