Retrat de Joaquim Elcacho Clemente


Journalist specialised in the environment, nature and science. He works for La Vanguardia, in the Natural section (environment and nature channel-section) and in the Diners supplement (“De la ciència al mercat” [From science to the market] section). 

He is a regular contributor to the magazines Theknos, the Col·legi d’Enginyers Tècnics Industrials de Barcelona [Association of Technical Engineers of Barcelona], and BioEco Actual, and the radio programme El món a RAC1.

Articles by Joaquim Elcacho Clemente

El projecte per transformar l'antiga fàbrica Mercedes-Benz preveu zones àmplies per als vianants i molta vegetació per fer front al canvi climàtic. © Conren Tramway
Cooling shelters: an urban response to the global crisis

Cities are engaged in the fight against climate change. Promoting public transport and renewable energies, urban transformation and reducing emissions from combustion...

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