Retrat de José Mansilla


Doctor in Social Anthropology, researcher and university professor. Member of the Anthropology of Urban Conflict Observatory (OACU). He studies the interrelationships between classes and social movements, and the dynamics of exclusion and social inequality in the city. 

Coordinator, among others, of the books Mierda de Ciudad [Shit City] (Pol·len, 2015) and Ciudad de vacaciones [Holiday City] (Pol·len, 2018). Author of La pandemia de la desigualdad. Una antropología desde el confinamiento [The Pandemic of Inequality. An Anthropology from Lockdown] (Bellaterra, 2020).

Articles by Jose Mansilla

Il·lustració © Nicolás Aznárez
Urban violenceThe Pablo Hasél ruckus

Certain collective actions carried out in the streets and squares of our cities are expressions of defiance that can take the conflictive nature, by definition, of the urban space and...

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