Retrat de Karma Peiró


Journalist specialising in information and communication technologies (ICT) since 1995. Coordinator of technology communities for the Creativity and Innovation Department at Barcelona City Council. Alongside the scientific journalist Luis Ángel Fernández Hermana, she co-produces the podcast Ladridos al amo, on journalism and digital communication.

She teaches Digital Journalism and Hypermedia Reporting and Production in the Blanquerna Communications Faculty at Ramon Llull University. She is also a member of the Open Knowledge Foundation Spain group and coordinates the monthly Data Journalism sessions at the CCCB. She received the DonaTic Divulgació 2019 award.

Articles by Karma Peiró

Il·lustració. © Susana Blasco / Descalza
An uncertain futureSmart, sustainable and ethical cities

Artificial intelligence systems will become more and more affordable, will become a key decision-making factor and will facilitate the management of urban complexity. The major challenge...

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