She holds a Degree in Journalism from the UAB and in Humanities from the UOC and she has taken the helm at Criatures, a ground-breaking supplement of  the newspaper Ara delving into topics concerning childhood, education and upbringing.

She began her professional career as a local journalist in Barcelona and Girona. Venturing further afield, she worked for four years in New York as a correspondent for several Catalan and national media outlets. Upon her return, she joined the newspaper Ara, where she has worked since its inception. Her diverse roles have spanned across the Society and Interactive Media as well as new formats sections, where she has specialised in health, women’s health and children’s issues. 

Articles by Lara Bonilla

Two young people chat while eating at one of the available tables on the Clariana de les Glòries lawn. © Images Barcelona / Àlex Losada
School, family and social networks. Who is educating our children?

Education is a collective endeavour; we all play a role in shaping the minds of children, serving as their unwitting role models. The responsibility for a...

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