Retrat de Laura Mora Cabello de Alba

Professor of Labour and Social Security Law

Professor of Labour and Social Security Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. 

Her main areas of study include a resignification of the concept of work, child exploitation, family and work life balance, and the danger to women’s health when joining the male-oriented world of work. Her publications include the book Un derecho del deseo, un derecho sexuado [A Right of Desire, a Sexed Right] (Icaria, 2015) and she has directed the collective work La ecología del trabajo [The Ecology of Work] (Bomarzo, 2015).

Articles by Laura Mora Cabello de Alba

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The futures of workThe ecology of work: a new labour paradigm

Labour law should pave the way for work to be directed towards the production of wealth that supports human needs and desires. And in this search for meaning, which endeavours to...

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