Laura Peracaula Basagaña

Co-director of the Suara Cooperative

Laura Peracaula Basagaña holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has been co-director of the Suara Cooperative, alongside Tomàs Llompart i Coll, since autumn 2019.

She is also the chair of the Intermedia Foundation, an initiative to increase employment led by Suara and the Surt and IReS foundations. In January 2022, she sat on the Board for the Promotion of the Social Economy.

Articles by Laura Peracaula Basagaña

Il·lustració. © Margarita Castaño
The city of careThe social economy: a tool for transformation

The social economy is made up of organisations whose economic and business activity puts people and purpose before capital. This system materialises as democratic, transparent,...

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