Retrat de Liliana Arroyo

Expert in digital transformation and social impact

Doctor in Sociology from the University of Barcelona, researcher at the Department of Social Sciences at ESADE Business School and its Institute for Social Innovation.

She contributes to the newspapers Ara and El Periódico and has published her first book, Tú no eres tu selfi: 9 secretos digitales que todo el mundo vive y nadie cuenta [You Are Not Your Selfie: Nine Digital Secrets That Everyone Knows But Nobody Explains] (Milenio, 2020).

Articles by Liliana Arroyo

Il·lustració © Enrique Flores
Tackling climate emergencyThe Amazon effect: The Seattle lessons

The city of Seattle changed the day Amazon decided to set up shop there. For better and for worse. It changed conventional retailing, logistics, the environment, and social cohesion too...

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