Retrat de À. Lorena Fuster Peiró


Professor of philosophy and feminist theory at the University of Barcelona (UB) and a member of the Philosophy and Gender Seminary of the UB, the Creació i Pensament de les Dones research group and the ADHUC—Research Centre for Theory, Gender, Sexuality. 

She co-edited Contra la aridez. La propuesta filosófica de Iris Murdoch (2013) [Against Aridity: The Philosophical Approach of Iris Murdoch] with Elena Laurenzi; a collection of writings by Arendt, Más allá de la filosofía. Escritos sobre cultura, arte y literatura (2014) [Beyond Philosophy: Writings on Culture, Art and Literature] with Fina Birulés; and Hannah Arendt in the “The Art of Reading” collection with Matías Sirczuk (2017).

Articles by À. Lorena Fuster Peiró

Retrat de Fina Birulés © Camilla de Maffei
Knitting spaces of feminist thought

Fina Birulés

Distilling thought involves the strenuous task of condensing sense and syntactic skill. Those who know Fina Birulés know of her tenacious precision in thought and speech, a precision of...

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