Retrat de Marc Pastor

Writer of genre fiction

Marc Pastor (Barcelona, 1977) is a writer of genre fiction and works for the forensics unit in the Mossos d’Esquadra’s [police force of Catalonia].

He has written Montecristo (2007), La mala dona [The Bad Woman] (2008), L’any de la plaga [The Year of the Plague] (2010), Bioko (2013), Farishta (2017), Els àngels em miren [The Angels Are Watching Me] (2019) and L’horror de Rèquiem [The Horror of Requiem] (2020).  All his stories (including the short story “Carrer de l’Oblit, sin número” [The Street of Oblivion, Unnumbered], for the magazine Barcelona Metròpolis) are connected in Corvoverso, a shared world that is constantly expanding.

Articles by Marc Pastor

Il·lustració © Maria Corte
The Street of Oblivion, Unnumbered

The alley bears no name and no one knows exactly where it is. Some place it in the vicinity of the market square, but Abraham claims it must have been one of the...

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