Portrait of Marcel Coderch

Telecommunications Engineer

Master’s Degree and PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he has worked in the publishing and communications sector for more than twenty years.

Before retiring, he was Vice-President of the Telecommunications Market Commission and President of the Catalan Competition Authority. Part of his focus has been on energy issues. He participated in the Fundación Ideas report “Un nuevo modelo energético para España” [A New Energy Model for Spain] and in the Congressional Commission on the future of nuclear energy. He has published several articles in media outlets such as El País, Expansión and Ara, and participates in talk shows and programmes of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA).


Portrait: ©Arxiu Albert Salamé/Vilaweb

Articles by Marcel Coderch

Illustration. ©David Sierra
A new energy model for the cityThe end of the era of abundance

The economic, social and political model developed over the last 150 years simply cannot be sustained for physical, geological and...

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