Retrat de María Dolores Raigón Jiménez

Agricultural engineer

PhD in Agricultural Engineering specialised in Food Industries and Master’s Degree in Personalised and Collective Nutrition. She is a researcher and Professor in the School of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and first Vice-President of the Spanish Society for Organic Farming and Agroecology (SEAE).

Author of one hundred plus articles published in national and international journals on technology transfer and dissemination. She has written Manual de la nutrición ecológica. De la molécula al plato [Handbook of Organic Nutrition. From the Molecule to the Table] (2020), and is co-author, among others, of the books Prácticas agroecológicas de adaptación al cambio climático [Agroecological Practices for Climate Change Adaptation] (2018) and Horticultura ecológica: el uso de quemadores en el control de especies silvestres [Ecological Horticulture: Using Fire to Control Wild Species] (2014), all published by the SEAE.

Articles by María Dolores Raigón Jiménez

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