Retrat de Martí Sancliment

Playwright, stage director and performer

Martí Sancliment (1989) is a playwright, stage director and performer, and also pursues various cultural and musical projects. He holds a Degree in Art and Music History from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Humboldt University of Berlin, studied drama at ESAD-Eòlia [School of Dramatic Art] and the Sala Beckett, and music at the School of Modern Music in Badalona and the Toulouse Conservatory.

He began his stage projects in 2010 in Berlin with Suburbis (Theaterforum Kreuzberg, 2011) and Folia (Tatwerk, 2013), and in Barcelona with Estampar la terra (NunArt, 2019), p de carn (Antic Teatre, 2019) and Pell endins (Sala Beckett, 2021), in addition to his artistic installation Khaled: camí de refugi [Khaled: Path of Refuge] (2021). He has been working with the musician Jordi Savall since 2014, and also does work in production and cultural creation with the production company Neandertal Records.

Articles by Martí Sancliment Solé

Retrat de Jordi Savall © Martí Petit
“Music is the most spiritual of all the arts”

Jordi Savall

Having turned eighty on 1 August, Jordi Savall tells us about his past and his life and professional career as a world viola da gamba virtuoso and orchestra conductor, but also about...

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