Portrait of Montserrat Dolz


Specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry, she is head of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Department at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona and member of the Advisory Board of the Master Plan on Mental Health and Addictions of the Catalan Ministry of Health. 

She is associate professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has specialised in early childhood care and prevention and is working on an innovative line of research into the phases prior to the development of mental disorders. She has promoted the Acompanya’m HSJD therapy unit, a residential centre for under 18s with complex mental disorders.

Articles by Montserrat Dolz

Illustration. ©Genie Espinosa
Adolescents under pressureWellbeing and resilience building for healthy growth

To understand the reasons behind the mental disorders pandemic suffered by young people and adolescents, global and long-term environmental causes need to be considered. Healthy...

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