Retrat de Pere Jodar


With a PhD in Sociology, Pere Jòdar Martínez is a lecturer at Pompeu Fabra University’s (UPF) Department of Political and Social Sciences. 

He is a specialist in the Sociology of Economics and Labour who has completed studies on the economy and informal employment, local labour markets, trade unions and labour relations. He co-authored the book Parados en movimiento [Stopped in Movement] with Jordi Guiu, which analyses the situation of people experiencing long-term unemployment.

Articles by Pere Jódar

Portrait of Dominique Méda © Albert Armengol
Reinventing work in a more humane and ecological society

Thinker of reference in the study of work, Méda impresses with her passionate, direct, documented and rigorous discourse in defence of work in general and of wage...

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