Retrat de Ramon Alcoberro Pericay


Ramon Alcoberro (Pals, 1957) holds a doctorate in Philosophy. He addresses issues related to applied ethics and philosophy through the website

He has been a professor of Ethics at the University of Girona and a teaching consultant to the Open University of Catalonia. His latest works include Platón [Plato (RBA, 2015) and Stuart Mill (2016), which have been translated into French and Italian.

Articles by Ramon Alcoberro Pericay

Llibre: El carrer Montcada, Albert García Espuche
500 years of life on Carrer Montcada

In La gent del carrer Montcada [The People of Montcada Street], Albert Garcia Espuche reflects five hundred years of life on one of Barcelona’s most iconic...

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