Retrat de Ricard Gomà

Lecturer of Political Science and Public Law

Ricard Gomà is a lecturer in the UAB’s Department of Political Science and Public Law and the director of the Barcelona Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies. 

He has been president of the Commission for Social Inclusion and sits on the Executive Board of the United Nations network United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). A councillor on Barcelona City Council from 2003 to 2011, he is the author of the books Desobeir l’octubre [Disobeying October] (Pagès Editors, 2017), El municipalisme del bé comú [The municipalism of the common good] (Icaria, 2016) and others.

Articles by Ricard Gomà

Il·lustració © Ana Yael Zareceansky. Una ciutat al centre de la imatge voltada de catifes. Una persona desplega cada catifa en l'extrem més allunyat de la ciutat.
Building the metropolisFrom the right to the city to the right to the metropolis

Most of the world’s population is urban, and cities are where all the tensions and challenges of the 21st century are expressed today. With a new municipalism, we can lay claim to the...

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