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(Celrà, Girona, 1983). She holds a degree in Journalism (UAB) and Advertising and Public Relations (UdG). 

She began her career at Cadena SER, where she worked on different programmes and did sports coverage of the ACB basketball league. For 13 years she worked at the Agència Catalana de Notícies [Catalan News Agency], first in Girona and, since 2017, in Madrid. In 2019, she joined the TV3 programme Planta Baixa, directed and produced by Ricard Ustrell, as a correspondent in the Spanish capital. She collaborates with different media, including Catalunya Ràdio and Rac1. She has been a member of the Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya [Association of Catalan Journalists].

Articles by Tania Tapia Díaz

Portrait of Maruja Torres. ​© Javier Barbancho
“People who are confident make me wary of them”

Maruja Torres

Maruja Torres arrives at our interview on foot with the aid (more mental than physical) of a wooden walking stick. She says that walking is good for her, and...

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