Retrat de Víctor García Tur


Víctor García Tur (Barcelona, 1981) has a degree in Ophthalmology. 

His first collection of short stories, Twistanschauung (Empúries, 2009), won the Documenta Award, and his novels Els ocells [The Birds] (Empúries, 2016) and Els romanents [The Remnants] (Empúries, 2018) received the Marian Vayreda and Just M. Casero Awards, respectively. The stories in El país dels cecs [The Land of the Blind] (Proa, 2018) won him the Mercè Rodoreda Award. Other stories of his have been collected in several anthologies.

Articles by Víctor García Tur

Il·lustració d'uns micos en un parc vestits com científics © Ana Yael Zareceansky
The hundredth monkey effect

Similar: we see the little hands and little fingers (oh, the defining opposable thumb) and they seem so human. Then we look them in the eyes and the familiarity is...

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